Friday, October 12, 2012

This is by far one of the cutest book I've read, and of course its a kids story book. Hihi

Suddenly teringat pasal buku ni. It's called Mitchell is Moving. Ths storys about Mitchell and Margo who are best friends, and they're dinosaurs! Adorable dinosaurs! They're really cute together. Mitchell is the 'boy' whilst Margo's the 'girl'. They've been living as neighbours for years and when Mitchell decided to move and leave Margo, she doesn't want him to leave so she tried to stop him. With suchh cute ideas. Dinosaur love, aww <3

Words are simple since its for kids (duhh) and tht makes it more fun to read! Hahah I used to read lots of kids books when I was working at Kumon. I think I read more than those kids.

You cn read the full story at this link:

But its no fun sebab takde gambar, boohoo. Illustrations for the book memang cute sangat! And funnyy. I tried searching fr a digital book or something, not tht I knw where to find pun, hahah so memang tak jumpa.

Lepastu lepastu, then only I know tht there's a song based on ths story. Its called a spindle, a darkness, a fever and a necklace by Bright Eyes. They include some conversations frm the story in the song. Tp unlike the book, I cn hardly undrstnd whts the song about :/

So, yeah okaybye!

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