Friday, October 12, 2012

This is by far one of the cutest book I've read, and of course its a kids story book. Hihi

Suddenly teringat pasal buku ni. It's called Mitchell is Moving. Ths storys about Mitchell and Margo who are best friends, and they're dinosaurs! Adorable dinosaurs! They're really cute together. Mitchell is the 'boy' whilst Margo's the 'girl'. They've been living as neighbours for years and when Mitchell decided to move and leave Margo, she doesn't want him to leave so she tried to stop him. With suchh cute ideas. Dinosaur love, aww <3

Words are simple since its for kids (duhh) and tht makes it more fun to read! Hahah I used to read lots of kids books when I was working at Kumon. I think I read more than those kids.

You cn read the full story at this link:

But its no fun sebab takde gambar, boohoo. Illustrations for the book memang cute sangat! And funnyy. I tried searching fr a digital book or something, not tht I knw where to find pun, hahah so memang tak jumpa.

Lepastu lepastu, then only I know tht there's a song based on ths story. Its called a spindle, a darkness, a fever and a necklace by Bright Eyes. They include some conversations frm the story in the song. Tp unlike the book, I cn hardly undrstnd whts the song about :/

So, yeah okaybye!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Big question in my head.

How are you supposed to know that that's it? That that's yr final choice. That's what you gotta live with. That's what you really want. I mean, I suck at making choices. Heck sometimes I cnt even choose btwn chocolate and strawberry icecreams. I can't shop alone because I just don't trust my choices. I need opinions frm othr people, someone to convince me tht I'm making the right choice. And even with ths little push, I still take a longg time to finally take it.

The thing is, I still can go buy another icecream if I want to. I cn ask fr an exchange fr something tht I bought. I can go fix my hair if I dnt like the haircut.

But but but, I cnt easily change BIG steps taken in my life, right. I cnt suddenly decide to just drop my studies and nvr wnt to continue ever again. I cnt just buy a house then just figures I dnt like it. I cnt get married and suddenly feels like I shld get a husband exchange.

Thts basically wht keeps running around in my head these past few days. How do people make sure that they are making the right choice? I trust that He already planned whts best for us. I just don't trust myself enough.

I shld be worried about being such an indecisive.Not getting any younger, big decisions ahead.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be strong, my dear heart :')

Monday, February 27, 2012

I am currently in one of the depressing phases in life which is menganggur, hence the song.

Been unemployed and doing nothing since the end of January. It was fun in the beginning and tht is usually wht we call the 'payback time'. This is when you'll be sleeping even when yre not sleepy, eating even when yre not hungry, and watch movies and TV series even if you've seen them before. But boy, its not fun anymore after a month! Especially in cases like mine. Alhamdulillah Ive passed all my final papers which means that Im a graduate, along with the other friends as well :) Which also means that Im entering a new phase: Life As A Fresh Graduate. Its quite stressful juge when you know tht yre old enough and have to make yr own decision, fr yr future undertakings. I have two choices, whether to kerja or to sambung study. Even though I had all the time to think about this during the four and a half years, it still terrifies me now that the time has come :(

And aftr much thinking, decision has been made and lets just hope thts everythings going to be fine as planned. Please pray fr me! Hihi

For now, I need a full-time listener who would actually listen to my unemployed-rambling-mind :|

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tau tak, I just watched last two weeks episode of Greys Anatomy last night. And guess whattt, its basically about wht I wrote in my last post! Exactly samaaa wow now I know my head works the same way as Meredith Greys. Hahaha. I cn go make TV series now.